Yours for the asking: More from MoneySense’s investing experts

by Ann deBruyn

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Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

If you’ve ever read a MoneySense investing article and wished you could look behind the scenes with the writer, or get a deeper dive from one of the experts interviewed—here’s your chance.

Register for the Canadian Financial Summit, Sept. 22 to 25, and you’ll get access to the investing and money-management knowledge of more than 35 Canadian personal financial experts, including MoneySense’s own Jonathan Chevreau, Dale Roberts, and Editor-in-Chief Sandra Martin. All-access tickets are free for MoneySense readers—just click this link to reserve. 

What can you learn? Here are a few highlights from the segments featuring MoneySense contributors:

Jonathan Chevreau

Thursday, September 23

Semi-Retirement: The Halfway House between Employment and Full Retirement

Should you transition into a semi-retirement instead of a full-stop retirement? What if doing so allowed you to “retire” many years earlier? Jonathan Chevreau has done exactly that—and he’ll take Summit participants through the real-life lessons he’s learned, from transitioning to the decumulation phase and actually living off the investment portfolio. 

This session covers:

  • How Jon ensures he doesn’t run out of money in retirement;
  • The investment withdraw strategy that he prefers;
  • How he withdraws from his investments in a tax efficient way;
  • Important lessons to know before transitioning to semi-retirement or full-stop retirement.

Jonathan Chevreau 

Friday, September 24

The Best ETFs in Canada for 2021

Each year, MoneySense columnist Jonathan Chevreau assembles an all-star panel of investing professionals to rank the best ETFs in Canada. In this session, Jon joins panellist Benjamin Felix, Portfolio Manager at PWL Capital, and Canadian Financial Summit owner Kornel Szrejber to take a deeper look at the top picks, and what makes them solid investments. 

Dale Roberts

Saturday, September 25

What Are The Risks of Investing In Cryptocurrency?

Join MoneySense columnist Dale Roberts at the Canadian Financial Summit online, Saturday, Sept. 25, 2021. This free virtual session will give you a better understanding of cryptocurrency, and help you determine your personal approach to one of the most talked-about trends in investing today.

Sandra Martin

Saturday, September 25

Your Top Personal Finance Questions, Answered

As the Editor-in-Chief of, Sandra has her hand on the pulse of what Canadians really worry about, and want to know more about when it comes to personal finance and investing in Canada. 

Join Sandra, in conversation with Canadian Financial Summit owner Kornel Szrejber for a discussion of Canadians’ top money questions, along with how to best resolve them.