Today’s Free Kindle eBooks

by Donna Ryder

As usual, I've put together a list of free Kindle eBooks. Many of these are available to everybody! For the longest time, I thought they were only for Amazon Prime members, however I discovered anybody can read these free eBooks with any number of free Kindle apps. Be it on your phone, computer, or tablet, you can download a Kindle app and get these books for free!

They're split into different categories and were all free as of this morning, though please make sure they're still free when you go to redeem them since sometimes these promos only last for a few hours / days.

Hopefully, you can find something fun to read. 📚 😃 And as usual, please check the price before you download. These free books are often time-based and will go up in price after a certain amount of time, so before you download, make sure the price is $0.00!

Free Drama Fiction eBooks

  • Stasi Vice: An East German crime novel
  • Dark Intentions
  • Found Money
  • Calling Love: A Contemporary Christian Romance
  • Girl Gone Home: A Twisted, Quirky, Absolutely Gripping Psychological Thriller
  • Alamosa
  • A Woman's Weakness
  • Finding Home : Hidden Treasures Book 1
  • Department J: The government department that doesn't exist
  • A Crown Heights Story: the fire burning

Free Thriller/Mystery/Action eBooks

  • The Hound of the Baskervilles Illustrated
  • Vital Signs: Bodies in the English Channel spell trouble for the stubborn doctor
  • Lies
  • Hunter's Blood
  • Rebel Dragon
  • Deadly Odds
  • Manic Monday: Jake Monday Chronicles #1
  • Julia Blake Short Cozy Mysteries – Box Set 1
  • Rise of an Oligarch: The Way It Is

Free Science Fiction eBooks

  • The Hard Blokes Of Sparta – The Relic In The Dungeon
  • Scavenger Girl: Season of Talium
  • War Machine
  • Along the Perimeter: Amboy Book One

Free Cooking Food eBooks

  • Renal Diet Cookbook: 600 Delicious Low Sodium, Low Potassium and Low Phosphorus Easy To Make Recipes to Manage Kidney Disease Without Losing The Taste of Eating – Includes a 4-Weeks Meal Plan
  • Easy Homemade Bread: 50 simple and delicious recipes
  • Sugar Free Baking Cookbook: Healthy Sugar Free Baking And Dessert Recipes For Losing Weight
  • Keto diet Cookbook for Beginners: the Complete Guide to Quick Start Your Ketogenic Diet with 1000 Delicious and Easy Low-Carb High-fat Recipes, plus Pro Tips and 28-day Keto Meal Plan.
  • A Table of Memories
  • Diabetic Diet Breakfast Cookbook: Healthy Diabetic Friendly Breakfast And Brunch Recipes
  • Menu Planning For Families: With Over 100 Kid Friendly Dinner Recipes

Free Religion eBooks

  • See Me, Cover Me: Full Heart Ranch Series #4
  • The Comanche Girl's Prayer, Texas Women of Spirit Book 2: A Christian story about the Comanche People in Texas
  • The Boy Behind the China Cabinet: A Memoir about Addiction, Hollywood, Mother Teresa and Me
  • The Elaborate Switch
  • The Israel Deception: The Scriptures They Don’t Want You To See Revealed
  • Finding Your Purpose: How to Find Your Purpose In Life and Make the Most of Your Time Here on Earth, a Non-Religious Perspective
  • Lenten Prayers

Free Romance eBooks

  • As Luck Would Have It
  • The Catch
  • Seducing Cinderella
  • The Druid Series Complete Book Bundle 1-6
  • A Gentleman's Bidding
  • Timeless Night
  • Midnight Prince: A Pack Kiba Novella
  • Aroused by Two Lions: A Paranormal MMF Romance
  • Easter Sunday

Free Fantasy eBooks

  • Divinity's Twilight: Rebirth
  • Wings of the Valkyrie
  • Counter Ops: An Urban Fantasy Action Adventure in the Oriceran Universe

Free History eBooks

  • The Naval War of 1812
  • Death's Confessor: A Civil War Murder Mystery
  • Sell Out: Aldrich Ames: The Spy Who Broke the CIA

Free Business eBooks

  • Assertive Communication: A Practical Guide
  • Mutual Funds for Beginners: How to Invest in Mutual Funds for Safe Investing and Great Profits
  • She Sells: The Empathy Advantage – How to Increase Profits and Give Clients What They Really Want
  • Agile Project Management with Scrum: Proven Strategies and Methods for Beginners

Free Humor eBooks

  • The Older the Man, the Smaller the Speedo

Free Graphic Novels eBooks

  • X-O Manowar Vol. 5: At War With Unity – Introduction
  • Letter 44 Vol. 2: Introduction

Free Children's Teen eBooks

  • Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens
  • The Worst Thanksgiving Book in the Whole Entire World: A funny and silly children's book for kids and parents about Turkey Day.
  • Creepy Christmas

Free Horror eBooks

  • The Third Floor: an Angel Hill novel
  • Diary of the Displaced – Book 1 – The Journal of James Halldon
  • The Portrait of Sister Elsa
  • Viral House

Other Free eBooks

  • Anxiety Girl: Join Sadie Valentine as she discovers who she really is and learns the true meaning of friendship.
  • Bulging Biceps: Fired Up Body Series – Vol 6: Fired Up Body

Free Professional eBooks

  • Trade Pub has a huge resource of free Professional eBooks all aimed at helping navigate the corporate landscape. Whether it's networking, climbing the ladder, or learning a new skill, Trade Pub has a free book just for you.

How to Find Free Kindle Books on Amazon

While I know many Hiffers find the daily list of free Kindle books above helpful, what if you want to find your own free books on Amazon?

Sadly, Amazon doesn't make it easy. But that doesn't mean it's impossible! I've done all the hard legwork below to help you easily find your next free book.

Amazon's Top 100 Free Books

To start, Amazon has a list of top 100 free books that updates daily.

This is a great list to check out if you want to see what's popular, but also free.

Free Book Categories

The Kindle library can be hard to navigate, but I've got the best tool to find your next free eBook! Listed below are the 31 Amazon top-level Kindle Categories. Linked are each Kindle genre's collection of free books and Kindle Unlimited freebies. Make sure the book you select is priced at $0.00 with the “Buy Now” option selected.

Look Within Kindle Subcategories

Every Kindle Category has a wide array of sub-categories making it easier to find good Kindle freebies. For instance, check out the first category.

  • Arts Photography
    • Architecture
    • Art
    • Dance
    • Fashion
    • Graphic Design
    • Individual Artists
    • Music
    • Performing Arts
    • Photography
    • Theater

If you click through those sub-categories, you'll notice that over half of them have their own nested category beneath them!

With such a strong ability to zero in on topics, you'll find free books in your niche, hobby, or interest in no time.

Lookout for High Value Books that are Temporarily Free!

Kindle eBooks Discounted for Free

Be sure to watch out for higher valued books temporarily on discount for free! These come around more frequently than you'd think, but they often only last for two or three days. So if you see a paid book marked down to $0.00, be sure to add it to your account before the price goes back up!

Use the Kindle eBooks Advanced Search Function

I don't get why Amazon buries Kindle's Advanced Search feature so deep in the site! Here, you can search by keywords, author, title, publisher, subject, published date ranges, and even relevance.

Then, once you get your results, sort by “Price: Low to High” to get all the free books that match your criteria!

Free Kindle First Books for Prime Members

Don't forget that Amazon Prime members get free monthly unreleased books via Kindle First!

On the Fence About a Kindle?

I was too. A few summers ago, I bought my first Kindle and promptly let it gather dust in my desk for months. Flash forward to January. I get snowed in, the power goes out, and I discover my impulse-buy deep in my desk while hunting for candles. The battery was so strong on it, that it still had a few hours left even though I hadn't charged it since I first bought it.

I haven't put it down since. I'm the only person who somehow gets addicted to an electronic device during a power outage.

Some of my friends complain that reading books and newspapers on an electronic device is sacrilege and I used to agree. However, when I last moved apartments, I realized I owned enough books to fill the Ancient Library of Alexandria. Captain Beatty would fry me alive if he discovered my hoard. I'd probably thank him too. Just the thought of moving them again is giving me a hernia.

Remember, you don't actually have to own a Kindle to read many of these free ebooks. You can download the free Kindle app to your phone, tablet, or computer!

If you found a good book or enjoy these free Kindle eBooks posts, please let me know in the comments!