Some Citi Dividend Cards Being Converted to Custom Cash, Opt-Out Now

by Donna Ryder

The Citi Dividend card is a product that hasn’t been available for new applicants in years. But many people still have this credit card in their wallets and continue to use it, thanks to the 5% back in rotating bonus categories.

Each quarter, Citi announces new categories where you can earn 5% cash back with the Citi Dividend card. Unlike the Discover it, or Freedom Flex, where earnings are capped at $75 per quarter, the Citi Dividend card limits cashback earnings to $300 per year. So, you can complete all the yearly spending ($6,000) in one quarter if you want.

But if you have this card, and still take advantage of these 5% categories, then there’s some bad news. Citi is notifying some cardholder by mail that the cards will be automatically converted to the Citi Custom Cash card. It’s not clear if this product change affect all Citi Dividend cardholders, or the mailers are being send out only to select few. It’s possible that only those who never had, or have the Citi Custom Cash card, are receiving these mailers.

But either way, it’s worth noting that this change is not mandatory even for those who have received notifications. You can can opt out by tomorrow. If you do NOT want the Citi Custom Cash Card, then you should contact Citi no later than September 9, 2022, at 1-888-872-2214. If you fail to do so, your Citi Dividend card will be automatically converted to Custom Cash on September 19, 2022. You can see the mailer here.

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