Free Homeschool Curriculum & Resources | Huge List of 48 Freebies!

by Donna Ryder

This is a weekly list of  Free Homeschool Curriculum and Resources  compiled by . Even if you aren’t a homeschooler — but you’re a parent, teacher, babysitter, or nanny — you’ll probably find at least a few useful freebies in this list. Find more free homeschool curriculum here.

free homeschool curriculum round-up

Free General Homeschooling Curriculum:

Free Lesson: Teach Your Children Critical Thinking Skills – Will your students recognize truth? Teach your children to think critically from a Biblical worldview as they explore the history of ideas. Get the first lesson of Philosophy Adventure FREE! Ideal for students 6th-12th grade.

Summer Business Brainstorm for Teens – Do you have a teen entrepreneur? Do you have teenagers in your home who would love to create income streams of their own? Download the Summer Business Brainstorm for Teens to help them get started.

Free End of the School Year Coloring Pages – Use these free hands-on coloring pages to help your kids close out the school year!

Printable Homeschool Certificates – Is your homeschool year coming to an end? Celebrate with some of these fun ideas and download your own printable certificates (for PreK-12th) from In All You Do to mark the end of the year!

Loop Schedule Planner – A loop schedule is a great way to get to all the things. Use this loop schedule planner to help keep you on track and remember where you left off.

Lesson Plan Pack – Grab your FREE 10-page printable lesson plan templates! Print them in full color or B/W – that’s your choice! 10 different styles to choose from including daily weekly lesson plans. Plus there’s one just for toddlers!

Legendary Swords – Join us for 6 weeks of adventure, daring, and calls to be courageous! Try 6 weeks of The Homeschool Garden morning time for FREE with Legendary Swords lesson.

Flip Misbehaviour Quiz – Misplacing their belongings, arguing, meltdowns or too much screentime? Frustrating behaviour in children and teens is actually a symptom of underdeveloped life skills! Take this quiz and personalized tip sheet to turn things around.

Devotional for Homeschooling Families – Grab your free sample week of “Keeping God at the Center”, a devotional for homeschool moms that will encourage you to pray specifically each week for your homeschool, be in God’s Word daily, and keep Him at the center of your homeschool each day.

Ten Commandments Printable Pack – This Ten Commandments Printable pack is perfect for morning time and scripture memorization!

Help Your Students Study Better Retain More (In Less Time!) – What if your students could decrease their study time, but retain more information and improve their grades? It’s possible with the right habits. Discover 10 strategic habits to more effective studying today!

study habits

Free Coloring Pages:

Gemstone Coloring Page – Your kids will get to have so much fun while picking out their favorite colored crayons, markers, colored pencils, and whatever else they have available to be able to use to color and decorate this fun and free printable gemstones themed coloring page.

Lion Coloring Page – Are you heading to the zoo this summer? Maybe you are learning about Africa or animals of the open plains? If so, don’t miss this simple lion coloring page to add to your studies.

Simple Machine Coloring Pages – Learning about simple machines this year? These fun coloring pages are a great way to introduce simple machines. Add them to a notebook for kids to keep as a quick reference.

Human Heart Coloring Pages – Are you learning about the human heart this year? This simple coloring page is a fun way to introduce the parts of the heart or as a simple review.

free homeschool curriculum for studying American flag

June Coloring Pages – Do you know all of the fun and silly holidays during the month of June? These fun coloring pages would be a fun activity surrounding the different holidays during this first month of summer.

FREE Resources for Studying the American Flag – With several patriotic holidays this summer, learning about the American Flag is a great study to add. Use these free resources to help you learn about this icon of American history and freedom.

FREE Father’s Day Printables – Looking for FREE Father’s Day printables? Make him smile, laugh and feel LOVED with printable Father’s Day cards, coloring pages, coupons, interviews, gift ideas, and more!

Father’s Day Printables – Do your kids know what they’re getting Dad for Father’s Day? There are 3 different Father’s Day printables in this article and all of them are free!

8 Simple Hacks to Make Vacation Packing Super Easy – Vacations create amazing family memories but can be stressful, too. So, here are 8 simple hacks to make vacation packing super easy!

Summer Bingo Game – This fun summer-themed BINGO game is super cute and fun for kids. Download the tokens and eight unique BINGO cards to have ready for rainy day play.

Summer Fun Pack – With the 9 weeks of Summer Fun Activities from The Homeschool Cafe, you can fill those long, beautiful days indoors or out with a bevy of ideas! Plan weeks with friends near and far and plan activities around your kiddo’s interests.

Christmas in July Calendar – Christmas in July is a fabulous way to forget it’s blazing hot outside and make some fun memories.

Summer Boredom Busters – This free homeschool printable is going to transform your summer! Check out this ultimate list of boredom-busting activities for your family in a convenient, undated printable calendar! These free or frugal boredom-busting activities will inspire creativity, sneak in some summer learning, and provide your kids with hours of fun!

Father’s Day Coupon Book – Surprise dad with a fun experience or activity with these coupons in the Father’s Day Coupon Book!

Fruit Do A Dot Printables

Free Early Learning Homeschool Curriculum:

Letter W Coloring Page – Coloring pages are a great way to help kids of all ages improve their fine motor skills. This simple coloring page would be a fun addition to any alphabet work.

Coloring Letters Activity – If you’re working on letter recognition with your little ones, theses FREE Coloring Letters activity pages are a great addition. These printable pages include letters A-M.

Summer Number Tracing Strips – Kids will have fun practicing their number recognition and writing skills with these summer themeed number tracing strips. Laminate them for longevity and continued practice!

Building Bricks Bingo Game – Playing BINGO may seem like a strange learning activity, but it can be great for color recognition, patterns, and more! Simply download and print this FREE Lego themed BINGO Game set to get started.

Color Sorting Worksheets – Are you working on colors with your early learners? These FREE coloring sorting worksheets are a fun way to help them distinguish between colors while working on some fine motor skills.

Fruit Do a Dot Printables – These fruit do a dot printables are a great way to incorporate fine motor practice with your little ones.

Alphabet Printable Coloring Pages – These plain, large alphabet coloring pages feature the capital letters A-Z to help you teach your child the alphabet. Use them as coloring pages, decorate them, laminate and use as playdough mats, the possibilities are endless!

free homeschool curriculum on correcting writing assignments

Language Arts Fine Arts Freebies:

June Writing Prompts – Want to keep your kids’ skils sharp over the summer? Try these June Writing Prompts that include one for each day of the month. This is a fun and simple way to keep their minds sharp while you take a break from the normal school day routine.

Compound Word Board Games – Compound words can be fun, but also frustrating for some kids. Check out these simple and fun compound word board games to help kids learn and even review these types of words.

Free 15-Minute Music Lesson for Juneteenth – Use this Free 15-Minute Music Lesson for Juneteenth as you learn about and celebrate the holiday on June 19. You will love the songs associated with Juneteenth. Includes a free printable pack!

Summer Roll Write – Enjoy these fun writing exercises as you spark your child’s imagination and encourage creativity with Summer Roll Write! Mix and match the character, plot, and setting with the roll of the die to get the creative juices flowing, or choose from one of 6 summer writing promotes. Includes a writing organizer and printable lined paper.

How to Correct Your Student’s Writing Assignments – Help for moms as they correct their students’ writing assignments. Contains: word editing, sentence editing, and paragraph editing.

Learn to Read Summer Success Plan – Do you wish you could teach your child how to read in a way that inspires them to love reading for a lifetime? After the Learn to Read Summer Success Plan class, you will be equipped with practical strategies and tools to turn your wiggly preschooler or elementary student into a confident reader who loves books.

free Ordinal Numbers printables

Free Math Homeschool Curriculum:

Flower Fraction Worksheets – Do your kids hate fractions? Do they struggle to understand them? Try these FREE flower themed fraction worksheets to help them learn, review, and visually see fractions in a new way!

Ordinal Numbers Printables – After children are able to count forwards and backwards, they can start working on learning ordinal numbers with these fun printables.

Pi Interactive Notebook – Your kids will enjoy learning all about Pi with this multiple subject, self-paced interactive notebook for Google Slides.

free Science Lesson about fireflies

Free Science Homeschool Curriculum:

Rabbit Trails through Science: Fireflies – Learn all about fireflies with this free science lesson! Read the book Fireflies! by Julie Brinckloe, make your very own firefly that glows, then continue down the Rabbit Trail with more amazing books and hands on activities.

Dinosaur Bones Fossils Notebooking Pages – Get these Dinosaur Bones Fossils Notebooking Pages, so your kids can write about the discoveries of dinosaurs’ bones, fossils paleontologists. Or they could write a story about going on a dinosaur dig or as a follow-up to visiting a natural history museum. Comes in 3 handwriting levels.

Lighthouse Design Construction: STEM Activity – Use this fun Lighthouses: a STEM Design Challenge Activity with all ages of kids to learn about lighthouses, engineering, math. Use the printable worksheet to see who can construct the tallest lighthouse that will support a battery-operated tea light using only straws tape.

A FREE High School Botany Lesson – Why should your teen learn botany beyond third grade? Find out and grab yourself a free lesson from this one semester high school botany course.

A Unit Study: SEA TURTLES – This free Sea Turtles Unit Study is a great way to have some summer fun while also working on reading, writing and science skills. Plus, it’ll get your kids prepped and excited for World Sea Turtle Day on June 16! Free printables included.

Dinosaur Lapbook – This fun dinosaur lapbook is a great hands-on way to learn about dinosaurs, including their life cycle and fun facts!5 Senses of the Human Body Mini Unit – A fun engaging multi page printable workbook for hand on learning about the five senses.

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