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by Barbara Hadden

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It’s strange how you work hard for your money, but totally miss the money that’s hiding in plain sight. It’s all around you right now, ripe for the taking.

Check out these simple moves you can make within the next hour that could make you richer by hundreds — even thousands — of dollars, either by slashing expenses or padding your pockets with extra income.

Take a quick look at the following list; there’s bound to be something here that’s going to pay off for you.

To be clear, these are ideas you can learn about within an hour that can make you richer, although not all will appear on your bottom line within an hour.

1. Make $440 by shrinking the cost of your car insurance

You hate shopping for car insurance, right? Well, guess what: Your insurance company knows that. That’s why they can jack your rates year after year, knowing you won’t go through the hassle of calling them on it.

But now you can find a better deal with no hassle at all. You can have The Zebra, an insurance comparison site, find quotes from top companies in minutes.

According to The Zebra, average savings are $440 per year. So if you’re ready to save some serious money, get started now. All you have to do is give them a little info about yourself and your car, and you’re off to the races.

You can do it during commercial breaks! Click here and check it out. Who knows? You could end up hundreds richer.

2. Squeeze $250+ from your homeowners insurance

What we just told you about your car insurance? Ditto for homeowners insurance. While there are plenty of ways to save, the single best way is to do it is what insurance companies are praying you won’t do: Shop around.

And as with your car policies, you can now shop your homeowners quickly and easily. Do it, and within minutes you’re guaranteed to win one of two ways. Either you’ll find you can save hundreds, or you’ll gain peace of mind by finding out you’re already getting the best possible deal.

Here are two awesome tools to help you find the best prices:

Lemonade has been voted the most loved insurance company in America by Forbes, J.D. Power and others. It’s online-only and uses artificial intelligence to get you quick quotes. Just answer a few simple questions, and it’ll do the rest.

If Lemonade isn’t available in your state, try PolicyGenius. Same deal: You give them a little info, they come back with quick quotes.

3. Leave the family a million

Not everybody needs life insurance. If your kids are grown, and you have nice, fat bank account, there’s really no need.

But if your family would have a hard time getting along without you, life insurance is definitely something you should look into. Just don’t pay too much for it by buying the wrong kind, or buying from a commissioned salesperson.

The right kind of life insurance for most people is term, and the right place to buy it is a company called Bestow. You apply online with no medical exams or paperwork. You g et a quote in seconds and coverage in minutes. And the best part? Pla ns start from just $10 a month, and you can get coverage from $50,000 to $1.5 million.

Two birds with one stone: You take care of your family at the lowest possible price, and you achieve peace of mind in the process.

If you’re under age 60, why not at least check it out? Just click here to get a free quote from Bestow.

4. Keep thousands in your pocket with a better credit score

Like divorces and car leases, some things are easier to get into than out of. Know what else is like that? A lousy credit score. Easy to get, hard to get rid of.

But if you borrow money now, or ever plan to, goosing your score could be one of the best-paying moves you’ll ever make.

Take mortgages, for instance. Apply for one with a 640 credit score and, as of this writing, you’ll get a rate of about 4.2%.

Show up with a 760+ credit score, and you’ll only pay 2.6%.

No big deal, right? Wrong.

Over the course of a 30-year, $300,000 mortgage, that lower rate will save you about $96,000 in interest! That’s enough to put your kids through college or help you retire a year earlier.

So how do you get a better credit score? There are lots of things you can do, but a great place to start is a free website called Credit Sesame. Sign up, and in the blink of an eye you’ll be looking at your credit score, your accounts and getting personalized advice on what to do to make jack up that score.

In less than two minutes, you could get your free credit score. What are you waiting for?

5. Earn up to $200 monthly watching videos

Ever heard about research companies that pay you to use products or watch shows? That’s InboxDollars.

All you have to do is watch videos and TV content from your computer or smartphone. It could be anything from a cooking demo to a clip of the hottest new sitcom. You watch a clip, answer a few quick questions about it and get paid. They say they’ve paid over $80 million in rewards to members since 2000.

Sound too good to be true? It’s real. Of course, you’re not going to get rich doing this, but you can pick up a little green with little effort. Do it while you’re sitting on the couch hanging out.

It takes less than a minute to sign up, and they’ll start you off with a $5 bonus to get you started.

6. Earn 16 times more on your savings

What if you could earn 10 times more on your insured savings with no effort? That’s free money.

Then, what if you could get up to 5% cash back when you use your debit card? That’s like getting everything on sale.

The national average interest rate on savings accounts is currently 0.06%. That means if you have $10,000 in the bank, you’re earning $6 a year. That’s nothing. But if you could earn 1% instead, that’s $100 a year. That’s something, especially considering it’s still in an insured savings account.

How do you do it? Easy. Aspiration, an FDIC-insured online bank, lets you earn up to 5% cash back on purchases and up to 1% on your savings.

That’s free money, folks.

Want to see what it looks like? Just click here, and link your bank account to see how much extra money you’ll get with a free insured Aspiration account.

7. Make a million in the stock market

About 20 years ago, Money Talks News founder Stacy Johnson put $1,500 into Apple stock. He sold a lot of it over the years, but what he has left is worth more than $500,000!

Of course, not every stock you pick will be a home run. But you can’t get a hit from the dugout.

Everyone should have at least a little money in the stock market, and today it’s easier than ever to do it, thanks to apps like Stash. Stash lets you buy into companies in slices as small as $5.

Companies like Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft make lots of money from you. Isn’t it time you started making a little money from them?

It takes two minutes to sign up to Stash, plus they’ll even start you off with a $5 bonus once you put $5 into your account. That’s a 100% return on your money on day one!

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Those are just a few ways to get some gain with little to no pain, but we spend all day every day finding more. Want more free ideas to make you richer? Click here and we’ll send you some every day! (And when we say, “make you richer,” we’re not kidding … our subscribers report saving an average of $991.20. That’s probably why we have more than a million of them!)

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