Everything You Want to Know About Crypto But Were Afraid to Ask

by Barbara Hadden

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Cryptocurrencies are still a hot financial topic, despite the fact that, as I write this, Bitcoin is down more than $25,000 from its 2021 high of $67,000.

Even after all this time, some experts are still insisting these volatile investments are heading to the moon, while others believe crypto could one day be worth nothing at all.

Who’s right? It’s time to find out.

Today, we’re going to look at whether to invest in crypto, how to invest in crypto, which crypto you should invest in, and most important, how to make money doing it.

Stacy Johnson and I are joined by producer and novice investor Aaron Freeman to discuss the ins and outs of investing in cryptocurrencies.

Our special guest is Eric Rosenberg, MBA, a financial expert and crypto investor.

Remember, even though we talk about specific investments on this show, don’t take them as recommendations because they’re not. Before investing in anything, do your research, and make your own decisions.

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What are cryptocurrencies, anyway?

Let’s get an overview of cryptocurrencies and crypto wallets. If you’re going to invest in cryptocurrencies, you need to know this stuff. We get down and dirty about wallets and how this all works, as well as talk about what we think is next.

  • Check out a previous episode we did digging into cryptocurrencies.
  • Is now the time to buy bitcoin? Or should you focus on some other crypto?
  • Our guest, Eric, offers some insights on crypto as the future in a different podcast about the subject.
  • Before you assume cryptocurrencies are useless, here are a few things you can buy with them.
  • This isn’t the first time cryptocurrencies have crashed (and it won’t be the last). Check out this older episode about how to handle a cryptocurrency crash.
  • Ready to set up a crypto wallet? Miranda has an article for that.
  • Check out this quick primer, Bitcoin for Dummies.

Tips for investing in cryptocurrencies

In addition to talking about the hows and whys, we’ve also got some practical tips for investing in cryptocurrencies. Plus, we’ll talk about what we think is in the future for crypto. Are cryptocurrencies really viable? Or is it really all about the underlying blockchain technology?

  • An overview of investing in the bitcoin ETF.
  • Check out the criteria Miranda uses when she’s deciding on which cryptocurrencies to invest in.
  • Is bitcoin the new digital gold? And should you buy bitcoin instead of gold? One of our writers breaks it down.
  • Before you invest in anything — including cryptocurrency — consider making an investment policy statement to prevent you from going overboard.
  • What to consider when it comes to portfolio allocation before you start investing in cryptocurrencies.

Meet this week’s guest, Eric Rosenberg, MBA

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Eric Rosenberg is a financial writer, speaker, and consultant based in Ventura, California. He holds an undergraduate finance degree from the University of Colorado and an MBA in finance from the University of Denver.

After working as a bank manager and then nearly a decade in corporate finance and accounting, Eric left the corporate world for full-time online self-employment. His work has been featured in online publications, including Business Insider, NerdWallet, Investopedia, The Balance, HuffPost, Investor Junkie, and other fine financial blogs and publications.

When away from the computer, he enjoys spending time with his wife and three children, traveling the world, and tinkering with technology.

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