What is a Hedge Fund and Should You Invest in One?

by Staff writer

If you’re looking for a new investment account, or you’re brand new to turning your money into more money, a hedge fund is no doubt an option you’ve come across. But what is a hedge fund, you ask? Can anyone invest in one or is it just for the bigshots on Wall Street? We’ll clear up all your...

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10 Mindset Tips For Meltdowns And Tantrums

by Survival Zen

We aren’t born with the skill of emotional regulation. We are born with a wide range of emotions, and we have to learn the skill to process them. So when our children have meltdowns and tantrums, it is because they are dysregulated and acting accordingly. They do not yet have the skill to process th...

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How to Stop Procrastinating

by Jim Black

Hey you! Yeah, you. We see you. Here you are, reading an article about how to stop procrastinating instead of doing what you’re supposed to be doing. Ironic, right? That’s okay. We are not going to lecture you for not attacking your goals.  There’s no judgment at IWT. Asking for help is the...

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Why Messes Are So Triggering

by Staff Reporter

Feeling triggered by a mess? I can relate. Messes are triggering for many reasons that have to do with the brain, how we were raised, and what we think about ourselves, our families, and our lives. The power is in knowing—when you understand WHY messes are so triggering, you can...

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